Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Summer to You!

My, how time flies when you are having fun. And fun? We are, dare I say, having a surplus here.

Summer is in full swing, and this has been probably the happiest and most carefree summer of my adult life. First, it is unseasonably cool(ish) here, and the next week the hottest it should be is about 92. That is positively great to me. Still hot enough to really know it's summer, but not so hot you swear your brain is boiling.

As a result, I have concocted a Summer Standby Cocktail, and drink it mostly out of Mason Jars. I have discovered that my dogs not only love the beach, but they love the ocean! Maya drank too much sea water one day, and learned her lesson. But now, that timid little girl runs and splashes right into the ocean, and chases waves and her sister with equal enthusiasm. Well, it turns out that all she had to say was that she liked the ocean, and soon enough, it seems that every waking moment is spent at the beach now. I like that just fine.

I've been busily planning this trip Out West. We have had to do a LOT to get ourselves trip ready: new shoes, a GPS, and trips to the vet so that everyone is ready to head off to the kennel. That is, of course, just a mere sampling of my near-perverse listing of Things to Do.

Also, we live in an apartment complex. Till September 30, that is. After that we are are getting into a (rental) house, so while I look for the right place and daydream about a yard for the dogs, I also am smart enough to know: I have a pool right now. A nice one. A clean one. A relatively child-free one. And let me tell you: while I am in the pool on a float with a book and a cocktail, the interwebs is far far away for me.

Summer is great. I hope it's going well for all of you, and I hope to get back to posting with some sort of regularity soon. In the meantime, I will be counting down the minutes till I get out of town, playing in the water, and enjoying a cocktail while trying desperately to think of a name for it.