Monday, December 21, 2009

Solstice Stuff

First of all, happy solstice to you! Today will be the shortest day of the year, and that just figures. Why? Well, because I need for it to be the longest. But it isn't. Yikes.

Here are some of the things that I have been up to this season, instead of doing the things on my List. My List is very very long. And frightening.

Stockings. well, the three in the middle. The gray one is BF's, and the two pink and green ones belong to the dogs. They are made using the instructions from Warm Fuzzies and I think they are too cute. However, they pose a problem in that now I am the only one with a Store Bought stocking. This saddens me in ways I cannot even begin to express. And, that means that next year i WILL have the most magical of stockings. I may even start on it now.

Yeah Right.

We are heading out of town on Wednesday, returning only for a breif two days before ringing in the New Year elsewhere. I have succeeded on giving in some ways, and failed in others. But, I am just sort of letting that go at this point, and trying to enjoy things for what they are. Instead of gift knitting, I went out with friends for pizza and Christmas lights. The best part was that I brought the Fart Putty I got in my stocking along, and made delightfully hideous Putty Farts the whole time. It's hysterical, really. It's probably time for me to get back to the frantic pace of laundry, listing, errands, wrapping, and knitting, but the few little minutes I can stop and enjoy all the smells (I wish I could have a real tree in my house all year long) and sights and even a few of the songs (For some reason, "So This Is Christmas" has made me bawl about 4 times so far this year. Usually I hate Christmas music.) are so, so nice.

BF and I had our own little Christmas yesterday, and we exchanged gifts. It was so much fun, our First Real Christmas (last year we were apart and didn't exchange gifts). We sat by our tree that he admitted really is better than a fake one and I opened up some things I really really wanted (I Love Patchwork and Creative Time and Space) and I keep sneaking off to be alone with them for just a few minutes at a time. They are both great in their own way, and I am very inspired, which is a great way to feel when heading into a new year.

And now it's time to get to work. The List beckons.

Friday, December 18, 2009

No Paycheck Fridays: You Can Still Look Good

Okay, first of all, I have regained my composure, and I am now getting to the portion of our programming where I let go of what I cannot accomplish, I but what I cannot find time or will to make, and I feel silly for being all woe is me.

So there's that.

Second of all, I spent most of the afternoon driving to get to an anticlimactic 15-minute interview. I braved the elements (raining emus and ostriches today) and drove about 40 minutes each way to see a lady about a job. It went kind of meh, sort of okay, rather ho-hum, and a host of other lackluster descriptions. BUT!

I looked really pretty.

And every day I look really pretty. Because I put a little effort in. And I find that it makes me feel lots better, and far more human than that feeling you get when your significant other comes home, takes one look at you and says "Kitty cat pajama pants...still? Okaaaaay." Time slips by so fast when you've nowhere to be. But I have found that it's much better if I get up when I used to get up, and I shower, put on Real Clothes, and do my face up. I thought like it was time to stop looking like I felt.

So, i don't want to sound all infomercial-ish. I am not getting anything out of what I am about to tell you. I am simply saying this because it really, truly, has made a difference in how I see myself (literally and figuratively) and I think it's awesome, and you will too. If you like awesome makeup, that is.

Give Sweet Libertine a try! Really! Here's why: First of all, it's handmade makeup. Handmade = great. It's mineral makeup. That means that if you are Sensitive Skinned and your eyes feel all itchy and yucky when you wear eyeshadow, you can probably get away with wearing this stuff. It doesn't have all the ick-o chemicals in it that the store bought crap does, and it turns out that those ick-o things are the very things that make my skin feel itchy and burny. It's handmade mineral makeup made by a one-woman show. If I need to tell you why this is an worth supporting, then you are just a Lost Cause. It's handmade mineral makeup made by a one-woman show that is affordable. You get a lot for a little. Do you know how cool that is when you are a person with not a lot to spend on things like eyeshadow? It's super cool. I got my Retail Therapy Allowance package in the mail today, and I am very pleased. It arrived quickly, looks awesome, and didn't break my bank. And y'all- these days everyone banks are pretty fragile, no? And the colors are pretty much magical. Dragonfly, Thai Silk, Feral, Boombox- how the hell can you go wrong? You totally can't, that's how.

Anyway, it's not too late to snag some gift certificates, some sparklies for yourself (the better to look hot while ringing in 2010, yes?), or start making your wish list for when you do land that Next Big thing.

I realize that I am sort of getting kind of commercial-y here, so I will cut it short and say that I think this makeup is very rad, it's a little thing that goes a long way in making a gal feel good, and I wanted you to know about it. Cool?

Now get back to your frantic crafting, wrapping, or smug Ignoring of A Holiday Which You Are Not Into.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hold Me.


Um, someone tell me just WHERE the last 3 weeks have gone? Where are they? I intended to fill my time with finishing gifts, buying gifts, mailing gifts, etc. Somehow there has been very little of that and I have a lacy cowl, some felty slippers, and some handwarmers to finish in the next week. I also have more baking to do, more shopping, some sewing, and OH GEEZ the mailing.

Hold me.

I am so aggravated with myself. I have no clue what I have done with the time that I have had. Oh wait, I do know- I have been doggedly job hunting. But still. I had a schedule, people! A SCHEDULE! I don't know where I went wrong. Oh for shame. Woe is me.

Wait, I do know where I went wrong. First it started with this one pair of damned stupid fingerless mitts. Somehow or another I managed to not only ignore gauge, but i used about 4 sizes bigger than the recommended needle. Then I proceeded to make the most beautiful mitt in all the land- in a size only Shrek could wear. So that recipient is getting an IOU for her gift, and she's okay with that. Then I guess I went out frantically shopping for INTERVIEW CLOTHES (because I had one, yay!) Then after that I dealt with a glimmer of hope on the work front, some car drama, a fabulous holiday horror movie, and now here we are: 8 days and counting, and not nearly done.

Hold me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

No Paycheck Fridays: Junk Food Is My Frenemy

Frenemy: Someone who is both friend and enemy, a relationship that is both mutually beneficial or dependent while being competitive, fraught with risk and mistrust. (From

Yes, this is sort of the worst time of the year to be of the Jobless Variety. Not because of gifts and all that crap, but because there is delicious junk food EVERYWHERE. Homemade, store bought, you name it. It's there. It has sprinkles. And it knows you are weak.

Like a lot of other people I eat when I am depressed. I eat when I am sad, lonely, afraid, anxious, happy, bored, you name it. And carrots are not comfort food last time I checked.

So, I have learned something about myself physically here lately, and it's a good thing for anyone to remember during hard times: garbage in, garbage out. A little ice cream can soothe the soul, but once you get in the double digit range for Christmas cookies in one day, it's hard to beat the streets looking for the Next Big Thing when your pants are too tight. It's much, much easier to just take a nap and try again tomorrow. Only if you do take that nap, how many people aren't napping, and are instead snatching up the few opportunities out there? Long story short, you (I) can't give into temptation and stuff your (my) face. It's self defeating, and hey- it's not like you have the money for new pants right now anyway, am i right?

The other thing: Job Loss is like grieving. I know this because I am at the Anger stage. I have expertly placed the blame for this squarely where it belongs, and now I. Am. Pissed. The best thing to get over Well-Placed Anger is to punch the offender square in the nose. You can't do that though. Because if you do, you will go to jail, and then you will have to spend your Gubberment Cheese on bail! And that would be terrible! Because you would have no money left for the cookies that you shouldn't be buying but are anyway because they are delicious and you don't know what I am going through so just give me the damn cookies and stop judging me already!!!


Yes, anger. See? See what it does to a person? That's why you have to Move Your Ass. Regularly. And with enthusiasm. I thought long and hard about deferring my gym membership in the interest of Cutting Back. But you know what? No. I will not. Why? Because going to Spinning Class helps take the stabby feelings away. Weight lifting is good too. You can't punch people in the nose if you are too tired to lift your arms. Besides, you know that you are still eating those cookies anyway. And we have already visited the issue of having the means to buy new pants.

So in short: get off the computer and go move your butt already. And put down those damn cookies. Or better yet, just give them to me; I will hang on to them for you. Especially those ones over there, the ones with sprinkles.

Have a great weekend! I am in full crafty manic panicked swing over here. Hopefully I will come back Monday with lots of hastily cobbled together goodness to share.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Quilt Update

After some more cutting, measuring, improvising, and sewing I think I have the quilt situated just the way I want it.

Charlie thought otherwise.

We made a few adjustments, and now Charlie likes it just fine.
What do you think he will think of the finished product? I bet he will love warming his bald little tummy on it (don't make fun of him; he licks off all his fur, presumably because the dogs make him neurotic.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning...

I have started the decorating. We are in full, glittery, Fraser Fir-y (and furry) fresh, sparkly, ridiculous swing here at the Casa de Stupids. Some of what we have been digging out and enjoying:

My new wreath. I am pleased with it because it cost about $3. This is a sad, super fake looking, boring wreath that I found in our garage when we moved in. I yanked off the pitiful and wrinkly red bow and added lots of sparkly ornaments. I bought the ornaments at a yard sale a few months ago. This was the first thing to go up.

Leftover ornaments in the hurricane lamp from Thanksgiving. That and our red cushions make the dining room feel a bit more festive. And, I have realized that I really love shiny round ornaments anywhere but on a tree.
Our tree. this is the biggest tree I have ever gotten, about 8 feet tall. We were overtaken by holiday cheer while watching Christmas Vacation, and ran off to buy one. I just love seeing all my ornaments. I try to get a fun fancy new one every year and also make one. Usually mom buys the fun fancy over the top one for me, and those are memories in and of themselves. Then two years ago she realized that she doesn't Do Christmas anymore, so she let me have my pick of all my ornaments from my childhood. I LOVE seeing them. they just remind me of a different time, and a time when Christmas was exciting, waiting was excruciating, and I felt like there was magic and wonder and the potential for miracles all around. The only time I truly feel that way about the holiday anymore is decorating the tree. After that it's still fun, but you have to work harder to see the magic amidst the commercialism and over-scheduling. Anyway. The tree.

And finally, my adorable BF channeled the spirit of Clark Griswold and did up our lights while I was at work. I compromised and agreed to have big colored lights outside in exchange for little white lights inside. It turns out that I love our lights. Most especially, the fact that I randomly wished aloud for some white and green lights to do up our little baby palm tree out front. Can you tell? It's hard to see the green but you see the white on the trunk part. We ended up having to go back for another strand of green, and we have to fix them every other day, but oh! I love that lit up palm tree with all of my heart. I am sort of priming BF to let me leave it lit all year round. I figure after that it won't take much convincing for a few flamingos to pop up in the yard too.
In spite of ourselves, we are getting merry and bright.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Few Things

::Wow, time is FLYING by! I am getting further and further behind in my knitting schedule. This does not please me.

::one of my photos taken in San Francisco has been short listed to be included in a Schmap! I don't get paid, but it does indicate that someone thought I took a good picture of something, and this pleases me to NO END.

::Maya got a doggie ski type vest for an early Christmas present (don't laugh; she is a short coated little girl that gets cold at night). She looks super duper cute in it, and is sort of learning to function in clothing. What a good girl.

::Yesterday Maya ate a corner of the coffee table. What a bad girl.

::Sew, Mama, Sew has announced that there is a Holly that won a yard of Heather Ross' Nicey Jane fabric. I entered the giveaway, so I am hoping against hope that it's me. But I bet it isn't.

::Have I told you to go read Ricë Freeman-Zachery's blog lately? I know i mention it occasionally, but lately she has written a series of wonderful posts on organizing and decluttering. Perfect for a great start to a more organized life that leaves you time to make art and do the things you love. These posts have been of huge value to me lately, but one on purging things really stuck with me. You can find it here. The remark about not using things or throwing them away because you may not have them later or have money to get more absolutely shook me to my core. That is my main self defeating behavior with regard to creative endeavors. I took her advice to heart, decided to live life from a place of abundance rather than fear, and i cut up some felt and had a fabulous time doing it. So go give it a read.

::I got a new phone. It's a Blackberry Curve. It's orange. It has an Amazon app. This could get ugly REALLY fast.

Friday, December 4, 2009

No Paycheck Fridays: Some Reading For You

Okay so:

I realize that I am relatively new to this whole Not So Very Employed thing. However, I have given this a lot of thought. Obsessed over it, if we are being honest here. And I have decided a few things.

  • I will soldier on and have the Merriest of Holidays, and there's nothingyoucandoabouddit!
  • I will continue to laugh at this. Sometimes maniacally.
  • I am smart and sometimes downright ingenious when I need to be. I forecast needing to channel MacGuyver in the near future.
  • I am not alone. As such, I feel obligated to share with you what I learn and know to be true. It's my way of paying you back, because you know- if we go out for dinner or something you are totally paying. Suckling upon the government teat and all.
  • I hate the word teat.
So, first I would like to mention some Reading For The Unemployed. Or reading for the Employed Who Like To Laugh. Whichever. Read Bitter is The New Black by Jen Lancaster. Or, pass it along to a friend. I got it this summer from my local library. It's full of awesome. I don't recommend it as a holiday gift, because I think that it would be filed along with other Unintentionally Insulting gifts, like giving a chubby college girl lots of work out clothing and a pilates set (I'm looking at YOU, Mom!), or wrinkle cream to...any woman. Still- the book is hilariously funny, and there is a good deal of Schadenfreude for those of you into that sort of thing. I totally am, so it was wonderful reading along as a very materialistic bitch got her comeuppance. She is so lovably terrible that by the end of the book I would have had her over for a bowl of Ramen Noodles and a walk around the block with the dogs. I'd even let her walk Maya (Lilly is strong as an ox, and it takes a Herculean effort to get her to act like she has a lick of sense on walks.).

And then, once you love her as much as I do, you can toddle on over to and read her blog, which is also hilarious. I find her so funny that I forgive her for her obsession with Twilight.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Rundown

Whew! I had a really nice Thanksgiving week, and I hope you did too. I am sorry if I came across as overly dramatic in my last post. It was a hard week, and this is new territory for me. But thanks so much for the kind words and all- I appreciate it. I know that we will be okay. Maybe this is even a blessing. It really did make this holiday different. I tried very hard to distract myself in the kitchen and around the house, but I thought a lot about how much there truly is to be thankful for in my life, and I feel really fortunate in spite of all the stress and uncertainty.

Moving right along. Here's our table.

Lilly doing what she does best, which is nose around for food. In the interest of fairness, I will say that the smell of turkey was making the human family sniff around the oven a lot too.
Lilly doing what she does second best, which is be incredibly goofy.
A wonderful new practice of mine: I have been buying myself a bunch of fresh flowers every other week. Mums keep forever, so by the time I am bringing new ones in, the old ones are only just starting to get sort of funky. It's amazing what they do for my mood.

Okay, so I thought that since my Thanksgiving was such an amazing success, I would share some recipes, while I still remember where they are. I will probably be making most of this stuff again next year, but maybe you might like to try it over the Winter Holidays, whatever those may be to you.

Turkey Brine

Oyster and Cornbread Dressing
Honey glazed Carrots
Green Bean Bundles (no recipe, just wrap a bundle of fresh beans in bacon, then secure with a toothpick. Pour Italian dressing over them, marinate, then bake at 350. YUM!
Sweet Potato Casserole this one is similar to the one we use. I cut the sugar way down though.
Mashed Potatoes-everyone does this their own way, so we will skip that
Caramel Pecan Pie- SWEET MOTHER OF GOD THIS WAS AMAZING. I followed the modifications posted in the very first review. So. So. Good.

So that was our holiday! The pace was very Festive-Lazy, which I think is my new favorite holiday vibe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Which I strive to Remain Grateful.

Hello friends!

Luckily at this point you don't depend on regular posts from me. If you do, at this point you are probably rocking back and forth in a corner somewhere. Anyhow.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. I have been planning out decorations, rabidly cleaning the house in anticipation of the arrival of The Mothers, and making list after list of what needs to happen in order to feed the masses on Thursday. And by masses, i mean all four of us.

I'm making all manner of goodies- turkey, oyster dressing, honey glazed carrots, green bean bundles, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (i look forward to these all year long), rolls, the ubiquitious cranberry sauce in a can, and caramel pecan pie and pumpkin cranberry bars. I am excited and can't wait to feed everyone.

It should also be noted that i am doing double duty at the gym to counteract what will be the most calories ever consumed at one sitting.

I have tried really really hard to keep my heart in the right place this year. We have donated food, I worked hard for a cause that matters so very much to me (more about that tomorrow) and I am looking forward to a long week filled with family and friends. I try to consciously be thankful for things that I take without question all year: my family and friends, their health, the adoration and company of my wonderful if perpetually irritating furry friends, the way the river looks when the water is perfectly still, and the fact that i still have a good job in an industry that is sucking it hard right now.

But I was laid off yesterday.

I have work through the end of the year. I may have health insurance for a few months as a bit of a parting gift. I have a roof over my head, and people that care about me and will help me if i need it. I am smart, resourceful, and i make a mean quiche. I know all this and I am sort of clinging to it right now. I will be okay. And for that I am thankful.

As such, it seems that true gratitude takes a lot of effort. But, if it is harder than cooking a turkey for the first time, then it's all downhill from here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Resurrected Green thumb

I swear, i live in a seasonal Twilight Zone or something. When the rest of the bloggy world is filled with pics of changing leaves and things dying off, there is new stuff popping up all around here. This is especially good since I am REALLY trying this time, once again, to not kill plants.

These I am super proud of. BF bought me the little growing kits in the $1 section of target. I have lavender, basil, parsley, some weird flowers, and ornamental peppers. And I started them from seed and they are actually growing!
This is a zombie fuschia plant. I thought I totally killed it when we went on vacation this summer. The thing was just a bunch of bare sticks by the time we came home. I then left it in it's haging position because I am trashy. One day it rained, and tiiiiiiny little leaves popped back up. Now it's almost full and lush and even has flower buds! I can't believe my good luck with Undead Plants.
Paperwhites! Grown from a bulb kit. They are really growing! I can't believe it. I have bought all manner of those grow kits before, and never once have I gotten them to grow. But these are in the sunroom, and they are happy as can be. I am just so proud of myself I could burst. Me, the Worst Gardener In The World, growing things. Wow.
And! Another zombie plant! I even tried to throw this one away before we moved. I don't get to have much in the way of interesting plants, since the last place was rather shady, and so is our new back yard. Anyway, i thought i threw this plant's carcass away but i guess i totally didn't. There was a dirt clump in the bottom of a pot. That pot sat in the garage for a while, when i noticed a tiny little sprout. I put it outside, and then one day it looked like this! Who knew- water and sunshine, that's all that plants need! I can tell you that come spring i will be taking this little nugget of wisdom all the way to the nursery.
Sorry for following a week of silence with such an inane post. But ya know, nature is just a marvelous thing. And when it foils my best attempts at destroying it, in November no less, well it's worth at least a little discussion.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Cowl the Third

On Schedule: You Betcha (oh Sarah Palin, why did you have to ruin those two little words for me?)
Level of Smugness:Extremely High

Okay, so here is yet another Gift Knit. Made by me. On time. With scraps leftover from a neckwarmer thing i made last year. I feel like I have Christmas in a choke hold this year. Things are getting crossed off The List (it's almost perverse, the amount of joy that gives me). I will beat you yet, Holidays!

So, if you care, the yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Emerald, and the pattern is Ribbed Mini Scarf and it is the quickest knit ever. And, the fact that it is made out of Malabrigo makes it a super wonderful gift in my opinion. You can't go wrong with Malabrigo, unless you are forsaking it for cashmere. Then you are excused.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Cowl the Second

On Schedule: Check
Continuation of Smugness: Check

I want to keep this for myself. For those that care, it's Malabrigo Worsted in Amoroso (salvaged from a terrible scarf I made once, and then frogged), it's the Candle Flame Cowl on Ravelry, and it's splendid. And soft. And squishy.

And I am giving it away, and I hate that.

Also, it now occurs to me that i am desperate to knit for myself. It's a good thing I love feeling all sanctimonious for knocking out holiday knitting around Halloween, or I would forsake it all in favor of knitting for My Favorite Recipient. Hint: It Ain't Charlie Cat.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Make This Bread

Well, only make this bread if you really like Banana Bread. It so happens I love it, and have this recipe. I took about 5 recipes and cobbled them together to make this one. I am asserting that it is mine, however, I am open to the possibilities that there is another one out there just like it. If so, please don't sue me for CopyWrong. I just like to share.

Super Awesome Banana Bread

2C Enriched Flour
3/4 C sugar (I used white, but it was because I thought we didn't have brown. Use light brown.
2 eggs, beaten
1/2C Butter
3 of the biggest ripest bananas you can find
some Reese's PB chips (add according to how much you like peanut butter. I recommend a lot)

preheat oven to 375F
grease your loaf pan
cream butter and sugar
stir in eggs
mash bananas and fold in
fold in PB chips
dump in your loaf pan
bake for about an hour. after about 65 min, start poking with a toothpick. Mine took about 75 minutes or so.
allow to cool
stuff your face

I can report that this slice was only cut out so that I could show you the inside of the loaf as well. It is NOT because this is such a moist, delicious, and wonderful snack when it is still warm from the oven. Nope. Not at all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Cowl the First.

Here is the first of many, many handknits to be cranked out before the holidays.

It's the Clemence Cowl, made with London Tweed that i scored at the awesome annual sale at my yarn store. I try not to buy yarn at retail prices if I can help it. It helps with the justification.

So, this will be for one of BF's three sisters. Not sure which- I am just knitting what I want, and letting him decide who might like it most. The really swell thing is that for most of my gift knits this year, I am knitting from yarn I already have. That just adds to the smug feeling I have regarding the holidays this year.

Now, here's a lingering little thing that I have in my head. First of all, there is that ongoing thing where I wonder if gifted knits that I have made will fall apart in the recipients hands, or perhaps combust, either spontaneously or as a result of the recipient hating it just. that. much. So, there's that. But then there's another thing. So this year, I have been indocrinated into the holiday plans with BF's family. It will be only our second time meeting (the perils of dating from over 700 miles away), and now I am racked with doubt here. Is a cowl enough? There is a part of me that says, yes- a useful handmade gift from someone is a nice gift. And then another part of me started wondering, and then got pissed: What is this "enough" crap that gift giving has turned into? there is no reason to try to buy your way into a family's good graces. But still, it feels like I somehow should. The one thing saving me from sliding into an abyss of gift giving madness is the fact that the only thing bigger than my desire to please these people is my lazy streak. I am just not interested in working that hard to find the Perfect Thing. Especially since I know deep down that the Perfect Thing is usually not a Thing.

Wow. This turned into a long rambly diatribe when what I meant to say was- here is a cowl I made. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Never Too Late For Dogs in Costume

Hello! Froghair, this is for you. And also for everyone else who likes to see dogs who feel fabulous when they are dressed up like other things.

Here Lilly waits for Trick or Treaters. She was so excited to see them, so convinced that the feeling was mutual, and so eager to show off that we did not tell her that in fact they were just there for the candy, and she was a bonus.

Here is Maya in her not-so-great-as-Lilly's costume. She is really not that thrilled with clothing, but she forgot she had this little shirt on once there was action around the house. I think those little sleeves are just so funny. I would also like to add that I did not buy this shirt for her. It was a BF Impulse Buy, and it was originally intended for the Bumble Bee to just wear around the house. But alas, it is too small for her, and she looks like a body builder in it. And, it stops just above all her many nipples, which is both hilarious and unbecoming.

Finally, this is the best forward facing picture I got all night. Lilly is harder to photograph than Sasquatch. She is constantly moving and this is about the best I could do. But at least it shows that she has antennae on her head and she does not mind that in the least. Truly- we took her to a Halloween party and she LOVED the attention that a costume got. We would take it off her when she got hot, and before too long if anyone even so much as touched it, she would run over, sit down very straight and tall, and wait patiently to be dressed before running off to show the ENTIRE party that she was a bee again. Ah Lilly- Attention Whore be thy name.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knitting for Tiny People

I made this cute little set a while back. I have yet to mail it to the itty bitty recipient because...I suck. However, here it is.

So, here's the sweater, which is the Baby Yoda Sweater for those on Ravelry. I made it out of Lion Cotton (I would never give a new parent something not machine washable- NEVER). I will tell you a funny story about why it took me two tries to make this sweater. See, the first time, it came time to seam the peices together. That is when I learned that I hate nothing more than seaming. This is good info to have, as it caused me to basically burn my seater queue to the ground. I HATE SEAMING. So anyway, I started seaming the little sweater together, and sure enough- I was not paying attention and seamed it ALL THE WAY UP ON BOTH FLIPPING SIDES. I made a Baby Yoda Straight Jacket. Yep. Nothing says "Congrats on that little person you shot out of your no-no's!" like a Baby Straight Jacket. Unless if by "Congrats on the little person!" you mean "Quick! Restrain them AT ONCE!"

So then there's the little shoes. Aren't they adorable. They are so cute they make me want to throw up on myself. they were a pain in the ass to make, but they are just so damned adorable, I will probably make the,m again. They are the ubiquitious Saartje's Bootees, once again in Lion Cotton. The color is way more accurate in the top photo.

So minus the Straight Jacket incident, I am very happy with this knit. The second time I did it, I did it bottom up in the round, separated for the armholes, then did three needle bind off at the shoulders. Picked up stitches for the sleeves (a lesser evil than seaming, but an evil all the same) and knit the sleeves from the top down. I am not smart enough to think of this alone- I read the mods on someone's Rav project page. Just another reason why it's an amazing resource, that Ravelry.

If for some very odd reason, I ever report to you that I am With Child, remind me of the Baby Yoda Straight Jacket. I will make a few of them in several colors, and never have to worry about keeping breakable things out of reach. Hell, maybe I should patent them. They could be the next Snuggie.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something New

In case there are not enough domestic pursuits at which I am fairly inept, I bring you:

this will become a quilt for our living room. Hopefully soon. Hopefully without tears. I am scared. Hold me.

I will say this. Although I am sort of scared to cut into all this pretty fabric, I have to say: getting under the house and fixing the duct work is now a success that all other efforts are measured against. Is that bad? I mean, anything I am sort of nervous about doing just doesn't feel that bad when I remember that I crawled through an OMG TINY space to get under my house, where there could have been spiders and boogie boogies, and I fixed (well, I was in more of what I call a supervisory role) the duct work.

So yeah. Quilt, you're going down. And you just might be taking some patchwork-y type pillows with you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Partial FUNemployment

Oh wow, what an interesting week this is shaping up to be.

As of yesterday, I have received a cut in work hours and pay to a new as of yet undetermined amount.

And hey, guess what? I am sort of not so secretly excited about it.

I have no debt to speak of. I can pay my bills with unemployment checks, so really anything above that (plus health insurance!) is pretty darn spiffy. And it gives me more time to make messes in the kitchen!

So even though I am ever so slightly freaked out, the idea of having more time off during the holidays to really enjoy them is sort of tempting to me. The idea of looking for a really fun part time job to maybe make some extra cash is sort of interesting too. Or maybe an internship in a field I have only dreamed of before? Or maybe just a temporary yet mandatory slow down of life and a recharging of my internal batteries? I am all fluttery with the possibilities that I have been given. I want to make this into a blessing.

I suppose that now I will have no excuse not to update this blog more often. With pictures, even.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TMI Tuesday

--Lilly is just fine. She is healing well, and is being super annoying as usual. She stays inside while we are at work, since playing with her sister is prohibited, and unavoidable when they are alone for even 5 minutes. She also ate a bunch of Halloween candy today, and Hershey's pumpkin pie spice kisses have not done anything to her but give her bad farts. Thusly, I conclude the obvious: American chocolate is total shit.

--the ductwork was replaced without a hitch. We did a great job just patching a new length of it in after cutting a destroyed section out. I feel like this could be a great fallback career in These Trying Times. the ease of replacing it, and building a trap door to keep her out has resulted in Maya resuming her place on the Good Girl List. She is not on the list with anyone else. See above.

--I am a cooking machine lately. I have been making all sorts of ethnic cuisines and baked this and thats. Perhaps it's my huge new kitchen. Perhaps it's the cooler weather. Perhaps it's my new healthier habits in an effort to look good for the Sisterly Wedding Extravaganza taking place in March. Perhaps I should start taking pics and sharing recipes? Tonight I am making low fat chicken and dumplings. The dumplings are made with corn meal, which is different, and the Chicken soupy part is made with apple juice and thyme. Strange, but so, so good.

--I've also gone and done something crazy. I have hauled off and joined a gym. I am going about 5 nights a week and LOVING it. Loving. Oh man, loving it. I am having lots of fun and really look forward to it most days. I am even getting over my hatred of sweating. However, I have a giant red zit on my back. I can't really see it, but I am told it's totally Unhot. Hey, TMI is right up there in the title. I didn't make you read this.

--I'm also feeling smug what with my Christmas Plan of Action. I have a list of who is a knitting recipient, a pattern picked out, and a tentative knitting schedule. If I can finish one thing a week (most are small projects- cowls and mitts and such) then I should be able to get it all done by christmas with a week to spare. That leaves the week days to knit for myself. Since I am so smug and prepared, it is just a matter of time till this blows up in my face.

--the house is coming along nicely. I am still on the $60 a week trip to Lowe's kick, and the yardwork on our tiny lot-- oh the yard work. I hate picking up crap. But hey, it's gotta be done. This weekend I have big plans for a few bits of furniture, stopping only to go see Zombieland and crank out a cowl. See above.

That's all that's fit to print. Soon, very soon, I should be showing finished things, for a change. I have my very own computer up and running after a long hiatus. Now I should be able to post pics more frequently since it isn't such a collossal pain in the ass. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Frankenloo & HVAC Girl

Let's talk about the past 24 hours. then let's talk about an epiphany of sorts, and we will conclude with why animals are horrid and merciless with the way they harangue you into loving them.

And so it begins...

Lilly came home from surgery disturbingly out of it. Moving around was such an effort. She was in so much pain. She got a pain pill, she went to sleep. BF is racked with guilt and is angry with me for putting her through this. I begin to doubt whether or not it is right, despite my fervent conviction that unless we are willing to keep every single offspring of our animals, they should be Spayed.

Well then, it occurs to us that Maya is outside in the rain. Except she's not. Turns out that she moved a mound of bricks and got under the house via the crawlspace. So BF decides to go in after her, so he can start repairing the damage to the deck. And then he sees it:

she has destroyed a roughly 25 foot length of AC duct silvery tubey stuff. Destroyed. And shat upon. Seriously, there are tons of dumps under there. I could have killed her on the spot, had I not had to sit there and wait for her to be dragged out from under the house. I felt my knees get all wobbly, my blood ran cold, and in my mind, mentally thousands of dollars would have to be put forth RIGHT FECKING NOW to make this right. It did not help that BF was ranting and speculating that we would be sued over this.

so I did what any sane person would do, and that's throw on their shoes and speed to Lowe's as fast as they could to see what sort of DIY duct job they can do. Turns out, for about $50, they can make it like it never happened. I have spoken to a few people who have done this before, and it is simply a matter of taking down the shredded duct, and taping up the new one. Crawling around and cleaning up dog shit- not so glamorous, but can be done at the same time. Oh and here's something fun" Turns out, no one uses duct tape for ducts anymore. They use this metal foil tape. Guess who has a whole roll of it from her Mixed Media Days? Me!!! This is twice in the last month that Craft Supply Hoarding has paid off, folks. Twice.

So the Duct Panic wore off, and I got to thinking. I thought about how competent I will feel when I can say that I replaced that stuff, and did it On My Own, and how I was almost getting excited about it. And then I realized that it was the same feeling I get when I say "I need a hat; I will make one. I need a pillow that looks good in the living room; I will make one." And I think that I figured out the root of why I am a Habitual Tryer. Because I need to do things so that I know that I can do them. Some things I really like to do, and so I will do them again. Some things, once is enough (I believe duct repairs will fall in that category.) But that's okay. I think that the motivations don't really matter; the outcome, the joy that comes from Making Something- it's always the same.

so there's that, and it should be where the story ends, but it isn't.

So Lilly gets worse. she starts some wheezing; she doesn't eat or drink. she wheezes and moans her way through the night, and I wake up ragged this morning. Then we head to the vet after they say that they want to check out her wheezing. so I come home from work, and she is like all Doom and Gloom, woe is Lilly. We ride in the car, where she shivers, moans, and cries the whole way. At this point I am scared, and just wracked with guilt that I have done this to this poor dog. Yeah, she pisses me off, but are ovaries a fair trade for stepping on my feet all the time? I dunno. So anyway, have you ever had a car that made a funny noise, and you took it to a Mechanic, and it ran beautifully for the Mechanic? Lilly is that car.

She hopped out of the car, tail wagging, and marched right into the vet's, demanding to be loved upon. She tried to make out with the vet. The vet listened and listened to her, endured being kissed on the mouth (YUCK!) and said that she had a bit of an upper respiratory thing going on, and good thing we brought her in- it could have become pneumonia. So, after devouring an entire can of dog food, and then trying to dig in the trash, Lilly succeeded in almost making me look like a total idiot.

And since then we have been home, where all appears to be back on track. And then I lay down in the guest bed with this
and get up after a while, when i hear lilly heave a big sigh and see this
Lilly resting, and Maya snuggled in very close, and watching to make sure no one bothers her.

and that, my dears, is how they both avoided being shipped to Nicaragua in a box with no air holes.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think Good Thoughts

As I type this, Lilly, The Resident Dodo Bird, is under the knife.

She is being spayed today. I have nothing but confidence in our vet, but the BF- he is a mess. This morning before she and I left for the vet's, he demanded that I bring her into the bathroom (while he was showering) so he could give her a kiss goodbye.

Please think good thoughts, while I am overcome with relief that this will be over and done with, and all without having to deal with another Doggie Period (oh my god SO GROSS) or worse- a litter of unwanted puppies.

Is now a good time to mention that she showed up at the doctor's in her Bee Costume? BF said it would make her feel brave. I don't know who is cuter, him or her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have found the USB cord! Hooray! (In case you are curious, it was in a laundry basket full of random bits of electronic gadgetry. Thank goodness that as i was packing, I would take cords and wind them up neatly, then put a rubber band around them. That saved me an extra 6 weeks of pretending I didn't see a basket full of scary tangled cords.)

So anyway. Let's look at my new house. I did not clean for this house tour. I didn't even try. It's like you've stopped by unannounced, and I answered the door in my underpants. Bet you'll call next time, won't you?

Okay. So:

Living Room, view from the hallway. I didn't try very hard, so while you are seeing the entry way, and the nice open kitchen, you are missing out on the gas fireplace (fireplaces are really just for show here) and the vaulted ceilings, and also- the New TV. BF bought it last weekend, and I hate to admit how much I am enjoying all the HD-ness of it all. Right now Planet Earth is playing on the Planet Green channel, and it's breathtaking to watch. And nice to see stuff like that on while I work in the kitchen. Also, remind me to tell you about the Couch Situation. That's a story for another post. But right now since I have no idea what works with this oddball brown color, I have just brought in all sorts of things, and am living among them- trying to decide what I like. I think the red curtains will stay, and so will the main blue color in the couch.
Here is the sunroom, which you enter from way off to the right of the above shot- near the fireplace you can't see. That sofa in the living room is moving out to the sunroom once the Couch Situation is cleared up. You can see our deck outside the french doors.

Part of the guest bath. The interesting part. You didn't really want to see a toilet, did you? I am so happy that the buddha is inside now. He's always been a garden buddha, but I smile everytime I pass by the bathroom and see him sitting there. I bought that Paris drawing the first time I went there. I love it in this ridiculous pink bathroom.

Okay so in the bedroom you get a bit of the vaulted ceilings and the fun lighting (I seriously love it- both the recessed lights and the lights on the fan are on dimmers, so we can have the room as bright or dark as we like. But just look at this crazy green! I am sort of loving it. Turns out the stuff I already have looks great in there, but I think that we might be replacing it soon anyway. The duvet is falling apart, and we need king bedding for a queen bed- it's the only way to please two cover hogs. Also, fun side note- the bed is still on wheels, and we have hardwoods throughout. The dogs like to wrestle on our bed for some reason, and after a loud BANG! and lots of little toenails clicking on the floor, i ran in to see the bed halfway across the room (not exaggerating for once) and the headboard laying on the ground. Ugh.
And finally, the master bath. I love it. It's got a dual sink counter, and the white beadboard and bright blue just make it feel so clean and cheerful. i like that in a bathroom.

Well, that's all the tour we have today. There are still two more bedrooms and a dining room, but I will save that for when they are more presentable. But! I am loving this place. We still have a ways to go, but I already feel at home here. It's been just a week and a half but I consider it home. Cute side story: I have been trying to get BF involved in decor decisions. I want him to love it here, and I want him to feel pride in his home, even if he doesn't care about things like throw pillows and stuff. But we were talking about all the wacky colors in the house, and he said "I like all the colors. It's like I have a different feeling in each room." YES! The light, it's coming on in his head! I am fine with the fact that he will NEVER care about some of the things that make me dizzy with delight, but knowing that he feels calm in our green room, and happy in the yellow sunroom- it's so fun.

More pics soon- for now I have to get back to my baking project, and see what sort of progress I can make on the Final Frontier- my office.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Since the goal is to have the office up and semi-functional today, I hope to be back more regularly with updates and such.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Randomness

and a pic free post, sadly.

As with all things, of course the cable/internet hookup situation didn't go as well as hoped. So there are no pics this time, but hopefully tonight there will be. Keep your fingers crossed.

The final frontier is my room, the girl cave. It's untouched, and totally daunting and frightening to me. But it's my goal for the week. That, and not killing any of my animals.

Speaking of, this weekend, BF secured his place in my heart for always. As if he hadn't already done that- he did a very wonderful thing. After we sort of forgot that we had an indoor only cat, we opened the french doors in the back and enjoyed the nice hint of fall we had going on(soon to be back in the upper 80's again, hmph). Then I was on the deck and noticed Charlie in the bushes! I went to go scoop him up and he crawled through a hole Maya made in the lattice on the deck (double hmph) and straight under the house! All it took was a little chin quivering, and BF was under the house with a flashlight, and then crawled on his belly out from under the house, along with a very dirty little cat. Victory! I do love that man.

Today I have a meeting. At a gym. Where I will likely be joining. I am excited and nervous. I know that I need exercise, and way more than I currently get. But I am scared! I am SO out of shape I am afraid I won't be able to keep up in the classes. What if I fart in yoga class?

And lastly, some sad news. I won't be making it to see Regina Spektor in Atlanta. Sigh. I'm so sad about that.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So, that actually worked

We moved.

It's all over, and now I can unpack. Or rather, keep unpacking. So very, very, very much to unpack.

It's funny, unpacking a house. You see where your priorities are. The kitchen is completely done, and the sunroom is as done as it will get for a while. The rest? Eh...I'm trying.

I am so very very sore, and very tired. But, for the first time in my adult life, I love where I live. I love my home. This is such a nice feeling. I can't imagine what it will be like, knowing where all my stuff is in a house I love. And if I could just hurry up and make up my mind on some new furniture...This will just be great.

The animals made it okay. I thought that we lost Charlie yesterday, and Maya got out of the yard twice, but all in all we are settling in and getting used to the sounds of toenails click clicking on the wood floors.

And another thing, and hopefully this will make for good blog fodder- we have made a commitment, he and I. Well, I have. I have decided that we are buying a few things Brand New- just a few. All the rest, all the furniture in the house, will be second hand. I have already done some yard sales, and soon plan to hit the Habitat resale store. It should be fun- I am looking forward to this little project.

Back tomorrow with pics, hopefully. I remember putting the camera bag somewhere and thinking "this is a great place for this. I will know where it is all the time." Not so sure where that is now. Oopsie.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Think This Will Work

Go ahead. Make my Moving Day.

That was my terrible attempt at angering the gods of Moving. I don't really want them to mess anything up. Especially with me teetering on the edge of madness at this point. But I am feeling so proud of my efforts, and of my breaking my cycle of procrastination...I just feel so good about this.

Famous last words, I know.

We have really got just a little of this and a little of that to pack. Just three kitchen cabinets left, and maybe a stack of clothes. Okay fine- probably another box of bits and pieces in the office. But then we are ready to go. And me- Miss Procrastination Herself- well I feel like i have really turned a corner. I have had this move planned and pre-arranged and I have to say- I just love not flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to transporting all my Worldly Possessions in one day. Utilities are switched, addresses are forwarded, and appointments are set for meeting with various assorted people so I can give them Checks and they can hook Things up.

And then today I arranged for a gift to myself- a most wonderful gift.

We hired movers. I wore BF down. He originally said no way, no how would we pay people. I pouted. Then the case mounted against him. It became apparent that on Tuesday, fortunately for them, all our friends are at work. Especially the strong ones. Then I waved my Noodly Little Girl Arms at him, and asked just HOW he thought these disproportionally short, fleshy, NOT muscular arms would fare in helping shimmy a queen mattress down a set of stairs. He turned pale, but still stood his ground. The last nail in the moving coffin: TMI probably, but it seems as though Wednesday is the beginning of my Lady Time. Monthly Troubles. Womanly Curse. Which means that by my calculations, cramps, fatigue, anger, tears, and frustration should set in around Tuesday afternoon. He did concede that he would rather that all my rage be directed at some cookies and some movers, rather than at him while holding half a couch on a flight of stairs. Ah, the taste of victory- should go nicely with the cookies i have stashed away.

I hope the animals make it through this alright- they aren't coping well. Charlie seems to enjoy all the boxes, and packs himself up regularly. However, he knows what moving is all about, so he is FAR more friendly these days. I think he wants to make sure that we don't have a Home Alone moment, and sit back and relax at the new house, wondering what it is we forgot- then look at eachother agast and scream in unison; "CHARLIE!!!!!" The other two- the dogs- well, they aren't really sure just what to think. Lilly seemed annoyed till she saw Suitcases being packed. That sends off alarm bells in her itty bitty head. Since then she has been more clingy, whiny, and irritating than usual. But she gets a pass this week. Maya- well she takes her every cue from Lilly, so now that she feels she has a good reason to be anxious...well, let's just say it's time to get this over with.

So, the next time I check in with you, hopefully it will be with pics of the new place! And hopefully on Friday, which will indicate that our cable and internet set up went as planned.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awesome Summer III: Getting Used To Wet Dog Smell

It's not for everybody. Luckily the company makes up for it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Awesome Summer II: The Perfect Cocktail

The Kimmy Gibler

The Berry Flavored Vodka Of Your Choice


Bonus Points if you remember Kimmy Gibler and what show she was on. Children of the '80's, show yourselves!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Awesome Summer I: Seasonal Cooking

What with the holiday weekend sort of informally signifying the end of summer (for SOME of you. Till we can get our high temps under 85, fall is just a dream to me), I would share with you a few things that I learned this summer which have made it one of the best summers ever.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Blackberry Tiny Pies

some blackberries
some sugar (about 1/3c)
some flour (about 1/8c)
a roll of crescent roll dough

To Make:
combine flour, sugar, and blackberries.
roll out the crescent dough
spoon berries onto dough
fold dough over and seal (with a fork or your cool Press N Seal if you have one)
bake according to directions on cresent roll package
serve with ice cream, topped with leftover berries

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Eat

Crab and Green Tomato Quiche


4 eggs
1/2 lb crab meat
2/3 c green tomato, chopped
1/3 c green onion, minced
1 c Swiss cheese, grated or cubed (i prefer cubed because i love the little melty cheesy pockets they make)
1/4c sour cream
Old Bay seasoning
9 in. pie crust

beat 4 eggs violently in a bowl
add sour cream and whisk till blended
fold in cheese, onion, tomato, 3 shakes of Old Bay, and 2 shakes of Worcestershire
fold in crab gently
pour into pie crust
bake at 400 degrees till golden at edges and no longer liquid-y in the middle

This is my very own recipe, and I am quite proud of it. It's super tasty, and the sort of things that will totally impress your friends. If you feel like sharing. And also if your friends are easily impressed. Mine are, but I didn't share with them. As for the crab, either lump or claw works just fine. I used claw, but it was because I was experimenting and didn't want to make a $13 in crab meat mistake. Sorry about the approximations on spices. It's just kind of how I roll.

I served this with a waffle with goat cheese and honey on it. You don't have to, but I really just wanted the goat cheese and honey.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I don't really have a whole lot in the way of organized thoughts, but still had a few things I would like to share nonetheless.

::Moving:: We found a house! To rent, not buy- for now. We love love LOVE this house. I even love almost all the colors that the owners chose for every single square inch of space. Wow, are they not afraid of color. It's really conducive to the things I have and want to keep and the things I don't have and have wanted to buy for a while. I'm excited about redecorating. I will have My Own Room. The dogs will have a yard, the boy will have a garage for mannish things, and we will have a big deck, a sunny yellow sunroom, and a huge kitchen and living room conducive to entertaining. I am so, so, so happy. September, I know I said that I would try to live in the moment, but you have to go. Seriously, get out of here.

Oh, how I love this album and this artist. And now, at long last, I will be seeing her in October. Live. With nothing but her keyboard, her amazing voice, and my undying adoration. I. Can't. Wait.

::Knitting:: Although I haven't taken any pics of it in a while, I have actually finished quite a bit of knitting lately. A pair of mittens that are slightly (okay totally) not the same size, some green mitts that were just sort of languishing, and an adorable little white capelet-- my very first wearable thing. I think you would call that a garment. Yes, a garment. I have one now. I'm also working on a baby gift that is so cute you will throw up on yourself when you see it. And now I get the hype of baby knits-- when you make clothes in miniature, it doesn't take so very long at all! Unless you are almost bested by tiny little shoes. Anyway, I hope to finish it over the holiday weekend. Out of things I already had at home, no less. Do you feel smug like I do when you realize that all that hoarding has FINALLY paid off?

::Obsessively Reading:: Design*Sponge online. Not sure if this is telling about how exciting I am, but their before & afters every Thursday are a bright spot in my week. I just love them! I have always loved befores & afters, but it's so cool to see how a coat of paint, a bit of wallpaper, or some upholstery can make something truly gag-worthy into something fabulous. Not to mention, the Design Guides are great. I think it's the re-decorating bug that's got me.

::Loving:: Maya's new trick. Now when I come home, every day she runs to greet me, jumps for attention, and wags her tail. Just like normal dogs do. I'm sure it's terrible and selfish of me, but I like that this joy is only for me, and that I am the one person in the world that she is that excited about. Wonders never cease with that little dog.

::Anticipating:: A holiday weekend, apple season, and the return of Dog Season on the beach. I am ready to do some packing and organizing, make applesauce, and walk my dog on our favorite beach once the tourists go home and she's allowed in the sand again.

What are you doing?

Love is...

...using The Good Scissors to cut off your loved one's emerging mullet flap.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost 426 cat testicles...give or take.

On Sunday I was part of a very long, very special day.

It was neuter-a-thon day again!

My day started very very early, and for the first part of the day, I was the person responsible for taking the kitties off the operating tables, and taking them to their recovery rooms. This meant that I was one of the few people wwho actually had a hands on role where I touched every single one of the 213 cats that came through the clinic on Sunday. It also meant that I got to hold them and hug them, and they didn't fight to get away, like my cat does. I can thusly conclude that sedated cats are the best cats.

The next part of the day was spent checking out kitties and giving them back to their owners. That was also sort of rewarding- after explaining to them what they needed to do post surgery while they listened carefully (I just love an audience), several told me that they would not have been able to afford the vaccinations or neutering without the low cost clinic on account of layoffs, the economy, and all that jazz that we hear so much these days. That made me feel so good!

Here's an especially special fact: According to the man from the National ASPCA Office, we shattered the previous record for Southern Neuter A Thons- it was 153 in one day. We had 213! Hooray!

Did you know that a single male cat can father THOUSANDS of offspring? Well, did you? I didn't, but that's what makes this type of work so very very important- that's thousands of cats who won't be contributing to the head count of a feral cat colony, or won't wind up in shelters. Such a wonderful program. I really can't say enough about it.

I also can't tell you how sore I was yesterday. My wrists and shoulders ached, my legs feel like I climbed a mountain, and wow is my back stiff. But I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lilly and The Trash: A Love Story

This is Lilly.

This is what Lilly does when no one is looking.

***Photo removed pending editing of my Real Life Address from the contents of the pic***

Here is the story of how much she loves her trashcan, and how she has bested us at every turn, and why you should just have cats.

Lilly got in the trashcan.
We put the trashcan on the counter.
Lilly pulled it down.
We put the trashcan outside.
It stunk.
We moved the trash back in, and put bricks in the bottom. We thought this would make it less likely to tip over, and too heavy at least to drag to the living room.
She dragged it to the bedroom.
We put a metal hook with a spring loaded lock on the can.
She pulled the back of the lid off.
Now she gets locked in the bedroom with her sister. This seems to make them both happy (Maya's separation anxiety is gone now that her sister keeps her company), and there haven't been any coffee grounds on the floor since. I find this to be validation of Occam's Razor. I hate that I didn't think of it sooner.
Lilly waits. One day, we will slip up. We will forget, and she will be there. Vengeance will be hers.

Till then, I win.

Monday, August 24, 2009

washington- the state this time

Hello! Hope you all had a nice weekend! I am sure you are ready to be done with vacation pictures, but too bad! we still have a few more days, then it will be all over, I promise.

The difference between Oregon and Washington was pretty crazy and abrupt. Crossing over the Columbia River, you knew that you were not in Kansas (well, Oregon) anymore. It all of a sudden becomes more rugged and bare- but beautiful nonetheless.

Some sort of war monument:

Wind turbine thingies. I love the pic, and feel extra special about it being taken from a moving car with dirty windows. Now about this car: it was a Kia little 4 door goofy thing. Terrible, actually. Other than it's brand newness, it was just a mess. well, with it being such a small car, and us being up so very high- we were blown all over the road. It is a credit to BF and both his driving and coping skills that we didn't go flying off the mountain and he didn't have a meltdown. Because that is what I would have had.

So then there's the matter of the sunsets. Holy wow, you have some sunsets out west, don't you? This was just the start.
then this
which gave way to this. Just beautiful. It certainly helped distract me from the panic attack I was having. It turns out that i don't think i have ever been somewhere totally flat, but surrounded by mountains, and completely devoid of other people. It also turns out that I found it rather frightening. But I am so glad that I didn't freak out enough to stop taking pics.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love You, Oregon


Have you ever felt like you would love to live somewhere, although you had never been? And then, have you ever gone to that place, and then known that this is the place you should live for sure? Heaven, thy name is Oregon.

But first, here's Mt. Shasta.

Now that that's out of the way, let's go to our next destination- Florence, Oregon. Our original intent was to take the 1 all the way up the coast. However, Helen, our GPS, thought it wise to go another route. I am so glad we did. The route we took was varied, scenic, interesting, and also much shorter. Works for me. Now, I had still picked Florence out when I had the map of Oregon spread out on the living room floor months ago. I made a hotel reservation, and felt like it was a nice halfway point. Oh, little did I know- it was the most beautiful place I think I have ever seen. And ya know- I have been places.

On the way to Florence:
Florence. Doesn't it seem like the setting for a movie made from a Danielle Steel novel or something equally cheeseball? It's just magical. I know you can't tell from the pic, but those sand dunes are HUGE.
I want to live in this little lighthouse and go crazy there, and then yell at the sea lions to get off my rocks.
Then we hit the sea caves. Apparently, the largest underground sea cave in the world is here. After taking an elevator ride down about 200 feet, we saw all these guys just hanging out.
They make all sort of hilarious burpy and farty noises. Sea lions are so silly. I could watch them do nothing but be boorish for hours. Look at this guy. He picked his nose with his flipper right after this pic.
We didn't get to stay in Florence nearly long enough. A delicious dinner down by the water, a walk down the boardwalk, and then we were on our way again. On the road, BF decided that he had to pee. Badly. We saw a spot for a bathroom break and pulled over. Then we looked up and saw this.

Multnomah Falls. Clearly it was time to do some exploring. Oh and just so you know, these pics have only very slightly been corrected- Oregon is just that lush and green and beautiful.

These are just a few of the over 50 pics that I took there. I mean really- a waterfall like that- just on the side of the interstate. Where else does this happen?
Finally, a quick pic from the Oregon/Washington border- The Columbia River. I gotta tell ya- what with a lot of these pics being taken from a moving car and through dirty windows, I don't think they turned out half bad.

Back tomorrow with Washington pics! Soon to resume our regular bloggy programming. Well that is silence punctuated by whining, so maybe not. But bloggy programming nonetheless.