Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's That They Say About Dogs Resembling Their Owners?

Oh dear.

If dogs really do resemble their owners, I should be on anxiety medication too.

Maya went to the vet yesterday and was her usual scared-shitless-but-super-sweet self. On her chart it was noted on her last visit that she is "Painfully Shy." Poor thing.

So after spending $225, she has been vaccinated against any and every thing there is to be vaccinated against (including kennel cough and some other lypsoblahblahblah thing that she can catch at the dog park- Oy.), and she got a total body work up and some anti-anxiety meds. Holy smokes. But now we know for sure that she is physically healthy, and just crazy.

I love Maya and Charlie's vet, and I'll tell you why. They are expensive, but they have the latest technology and for some reason, that makes me feel really good. Every single vet there is a woman, and some of them are at the forefront of procedures and other animal medicine type stuff. All of them are kind and compassionate and supportive, and it just makes me feel a little smug when I leave there knowing that there's this thriving, cutting edge veterinary practice run by all women. It's cool. They also have a full operatory, a behaviorist on staff, and just offer all around support for your pets over and above making sure they won't foam at the mouth for a while.

So anyway.

We went to the pet superstore today and (after pooping in the aisle- her, not me I promise) we got some pee pads, some pill pockets, and a safety cue in the form of an orange squeaky cat. Oh and some more poop bags and surprisingly, we left having spent this week's grocery money on this stuff, but feeling good about our plans to make this better.

I am refusing to give up hope on this dog. She is SO trying sometimes, but at this point I feel like giving up on her would be the biggest failure ever. She CAN be normal, she CAN live without me for longer than 4 hours at a stretch, and she CAN overcome this. She has to.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Separation Anxiety, Threat Level Yellow.

That's yellow as in the color of pee.

We are having some problems here at the House of Stupid = Awesome.

As you know, Maya can't go to work with me anymore. She doesn't like that one little bit. So dislikes it so much so in fact, that she has started to pee in her crate. Every. Single. Day.

First she was fine. She could even hold it all day and I would come home and let her out of her crate, we'd go on a nice long...drag, where I would drag her along behind me. Then we'd sack out on the couch and all would be well.

Then the peeing started. I thought it was that she was not able to hold her pee, so I started coming home at lunch. She likes the time we spend outside during lunch, and yet still continued to pee in the afternoons. Now, it's escalated to even peeing when she is left alone for half days. It's because she doesn't like me being away from her, which is very sweet. It makes me feel loved, yet very very stressed.

So, in the spirit of things tearing me away from what I want to be doing, we are headed to the vet this afternoon. She needs her yearly shots and such anyway, so let's kill two birds with one pee-soaked stone and go talk to the vet about how to help her. We're also looking into doggie day care (which is incredibly expensive) and just trying to read all we can about conditioning her out of this. I'm also having to focus my energy on NOT focusing my energy on resenting the fact that she is no longer allowed to come to work with me. I realize that I can't do anything about that and therefore dwelling on it isn't going to help me or my poor little basket case dog.

She's too destructive to be out of her crate when no one is home, and she's not happy when no one is home. Otherwise, she loves her crate and frequently goes in there to just hang out. I'm kind of at a loss here, although I would like to not be. I would like to have A Plan, because Having A Plan always makes me feel better.

Oy, this dog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Anyone who has ever been a parent or a child knows the exact way to read the title of this post: it should be said in the exact voice that you would use to reply to an Adult when they ask what you're doing just after there has been a suspicious sounding thud, perhaps a splat, some giggles, and an "uh oh."

What am I doing?


I have a few big things going on here- epic, even. However, this week has been filled with such utter and complete lunacy that I have not really had much of a chance to do anything other than tread water. I hope that all of it will be settling down and in a few days I will have big things to share with you.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Karma Reads This Blog.

Okay so I don't know if it's Karma or Fate, or the Universe, but someone with a wicked sense of humor reads my blog.

And they called my bluff.

I don't really like to live dangerously. I don't want to die in the arms of Ben & Jerry. I don't like throwing up. I lied to sound tough to you, Blog Readers, and I'm sorry.

I have narrowed down the possible suspects down to two: Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup, or nachos from a local yummy place. I hope it was the nachos.

Either way, it was a terrible weekend spent on the couch in a fitful sleep alongside a very patient foxhound. I'm glad to be done with it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never Let It Be Said That I Was Bested By A Hat.


I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I know I sure am! A new President, a mind-blowing premiere of LOST, and some finished projects. I'm also throwing caution to the wind and eating some Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. I like to live dangerously, and I figure that if it's my time then there is no better way to go than in the arms of my lovers, Ben & Jerry.

Moving right along.

I re-covered my mouse pad this week, but figured that what with the dawning of new eras and Destiny Calling, it couldn't really carry a post of its own. So, here you have it, my mousepad. It coordinates with my wall tile pocket thing, and has cheered up my desk a good bit. All you need to do is use just a good spray adhesive and smack the fabric right on top. Mine is one of those soft topped mouse pads, and it was filthy, had been drawn on, and was provided by the Real Yellow Pages. Glad to say I spiffed it up. I also put a bit of Fray Check on the ends of the fabric after cutting the extra away. Not a bad way to use up some scraps. I plan to a few more desk spiffying things here soon- I'm loving the green and orange. I realize that the easiest thing to do would be to just clean it up, but what fun is that?

Now, I finished this hat last night while watching Lost. I was so enthralled in the whole crazyness of it all that I felt like I could have snapped those DPNs right in half at times. You may recall a few days ago that this hat didn't look so hot. Well, I guess I showed you, Hat! You're going on my head and you can't come down to my chin! So there! And just so you know I am serious, I am sewing a big green button to the side of you. Take THAT! The pic is pretty blurry because I was trying to take it of myself in the last few seconds of daylight. I also did not put on shoes or socks for this event, and was not pleased with the lack of preparation that went into this little photo shoot. But here you have it.

And I finished this purse FINALLY. I swear, this stupid little bag was all knit up in about one movie and two episodes of Deadliest Catch. But damn if the finishing didn't take forever. This is the Christine Bag and I used Lion Ease Thick n Quick that I already had on hand. Go me, using what I got! So, I did buy the handles, but whatever. I sewed a liner, and once again used what I had on hand. Then I stitched the liner to the bag body, sewed up the sides, stitched the handles to the bag, added the ribbon, some Fray Check, and it was done. Just like that. Only the finishing took about as long as the bag itself did. I'm still very glad that I took the time to line it though.
I think it's so cute. It really makes me miss my black wool peacoat that lost last year. Damn, I miss that coat. It would be so cute with this bag. This bag is almost gag inducing, it's so cute. So not like me at all, but in the unlikely event that I want to go out, it will be nice to have this. It's also the project that made me realise that I really enjoy hand sewing. I stitched the lining to the bag and it was really relaxing (when I wasn't furiously impatient). It's got me thinking that I would like to do some stitching some time. I can't even decide where to start, so that idea will just have to go into the One Day I'll Do That file. Right next to laundry.

And lastly, here's some yarn that I photographed to stash on Ravelry. It's going to be bunny slippers. I have been trying to be more monogamous with my projects, and finish what I already have going on, but it will not be long (like about 10 seconds after I hit Publish Post) before I start these slippers. I am dying to wear them, especially since they will be made out of Malabrigo, the Crack Cocaine of the Yarn World. It's so flipping soft and wonderful.

Anyway, I hope to be back soon with more finished things, dubiously photographed. Or more Shelter News. Oh! I checked the website yesterday and Schroder has been adopted! I'm so happy. I am so glad he has a home now, and really glad that he has a home for some reason other than I couldn't bear it anymore and adopted him. But lo and behold, there are two new little hounds, just dying to come home with me. Geez.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emotional Enemas

Today was the ultimate in emotional enemas.

Have you ever had an enema? Now I realize this may well be TMI. But you know what? I'm gonna go there. I had one once, when I was a little girl. I went to the emergency room for what would turn out to be kidney stones. At the time though, they thought I was constipated, and so they gave me one. I'll spare you any further details, except to say that I imagine if you actually need one, they are very, erm, cleansing and theraputic.

I think that the collective heart of America got an enema today. I feel like mine did. I feel like the past 8 years I have just had to Tamp It Down. Let's get into a Make Believe War that carries a real body count. Tamp It Down. Let's bully the world as a whole. Tamp It Down. Let's pretend that pillaging the planet and consuming purely for the joy of consumption is without consequence. Tamp It Down. Let's do it all over again for four more years! Tamp It Down. Let's monitor the innocent, torture the accused, and use hate and intolerance as a unifier. Tamp. It. Down. There's only so much bottling up of emotion you can do. Even when people have written letters, made signs, and shouted in the streets, we Stayed The Course.

And then we got an enema today, and all the shit was flushed right out. And it felt really, really good.

I really hate (although it's very fitting) that for all the emotions that I've felt and the things that I've thought, that all I can distill it into is a poop metaphor. Well, a leopard doesn't change its socks, does it?

No, it doesn't, but every so often it gets a shiny new President. And that's good.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Right Now

a huge pot of chili. the most exciting thing about this chili is that it is made with sirloin tips, zucchini, and a can of Guinness (among other things). Delicious.

More chai tea. And the verdict is in. I think that soon I will make another batch, this time with white tea. Then I'd like to mix the two together. I like the black and white tea based versions equally, but for different reasons. I think too much about tea.

For certainty, peace, and improvement. The first one is probably an illusion but having a bit could make me eat less Tums. You could should a cannon at my leg and the cannon ball would bounce right off it, I'm sure. That's how fortified I am with calcium. Also, hoping that the fan in my computer holds out, and BF hurries up and sends me the extra hard drive and RAM so I can spiffy this computer up. It's got oogie boogies in it, and it's high time they got out.

a Banana Republic Knockoff Hat(it's going to work this time, I know it) and a Prismatic Scarf, which I am enjoying so much it's hard to put it down. I love that.

a checkbook cover, a quilted rug for the kitchen, and some throw pillows, oh and some rice heating pads- all in various stages of completion.

:Stewing On:
my word for the year, Kerry's post, and something I hope is a heart's whisper and not just a bug up my ass. Also, hand sewing. I did a smidgen of it last week while finishing a project, and I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

:Waiting For:
the triumphant return of the best show EVER, Lost. It appears that the premiere will actually be TWO episodes. I can't wait to crack out on the pure genius that is this show. Also, some packages. I cracked under the pressure of fiscal conservation and bought some happies. Hurry up!

^^I love this pic, and I just think it's so odd. I took it at a Bojangles in Columbia, SC. It distrubs me because Bojangles is a chicken-n-biscuits place and the chicken is holding a sandwich- likely a chicken sandwich. Why? Is he a cannibal? A sell-out? I'm both lost and sad, but not enough to not get some chicken and biscuits there from time to time.

Have a Bo-rrific (I just noticed the misspelling of the made up word, and I want to drive there and repaint it in the night. It should be Bo- riffic, dammit!) Day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inspiration, Organization, and Thoughts on the Color Orange

Don't you love it when you think and think and think and think on something, and don't arrive at the solution till you stop thinking about what it is you were thinking about? Did you catch that?

Anyway, I had just sort of given up the hope that my Office/Evil Den of Crafty Mayhem would ever be a place where I truly liked to be. It's devoid of personality, and any attempts at interjecting some have just failed. The best I came up with was a tropical print steno chair. Oof. Anyway, I figured I would just never find the right color combo, and then just like that, I did.

I went to the fabric store looking for two fabrics to do a recovering type thing for my cork tiles. I wanted one to hold things that I wanted handy, but didn't want to poke holes in. (I'm looking at you, checkbook! Outta the underwear drawer!) And lo and behold, I found a combination that made me so sublimely happy I couldn't stand it:

I love green and orange together, and I mainly just love all things green. But with my bedroom being all foresty and woodsy feeling, and the living room feeling calm yet fun, I wanted something that would say "Get off your ass and make something! And put things back where you found them, dammit!" Orange says that to me. It's like an epiphany! Yay orange!

And, yay pockets, yay things on the wall where I can find/see/remember them, and just.....yay.

Now, let's talk about orange for a minute. After this occurred to me, I did what I always do. I bought stuff and then did nothing with it. For a while. Then after doing this, and being an out and proud orange lover, I realized I knew what I wanted to do with an awesome peice of furniture I have for this room. (It's sort of a secret project. That way I can put off doing anything about it. Heehee.) Anyhow, I bought some fun fabric (On sale!) for it, and went in search of orange paint. I went to Lowes, and took home paint samples. Let me tell you something: unless you do their fun color matching thing, there isn't a really good, vibrant, ballsy orange to be had. In bringing them home and also looking at them in the sun, they are all some salmon-ish, terra cotta-like, I can't even get worked up about them, and people, I get worked up about pincushions. So, I will be heading back soon to try the color matching once I realized I want some paint in the exact color of my orange socks. I am just sort of sad that all color-maker-paint-chip-type folks think anyone wants is for color to be polite. I think that the occasional eye-searing shade of whatever floats your boat is necessary.

So, now that I finally have a direction in which to go, I'm looking forward to beating this room into submission and making it a place that I want to be in. Oh and learning how to put things away, that will the kicker.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In Which I Am Incredibly Stupid.


Pretty snazzy hat, huh?

this is a lesson in trusting one's gut and reading directions. You see, the trusting the gut comes in when you say to yourself "man, this looks nothing like the picture, and it seems to be flippin HUGE. Perhaps it's time to rip it back" As you can see, I did not say that to myself and wound up with an incredibly large hat.

Even better is that the incredibly large hat would never have been made if I had just read directions. You see, a knitting needle has two ways of sizing. There's the US way, which of course makes very little sense, and there's it's designation in millimeters. Well, the two are not interchangeable. Therefore one should not grab a 10mm set of double pointed needles instead of the US10s.

One should also notice much sooner than I did if they do grab the wrong needles. Oh well.

What was the name of that character from Fat Albert? That's who I feel like.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Just In: Unwashed Masses Actually Wash

Footage at eleven.

Well, today I went to the Congressional Advocate Training. I gotta say, it made me feel good. There was a diverse group- retirees, college kids, a young married couple with their well behaved children, and anyone and everyone else you can think of. It was just what I hoped; people from every background and demographic wanting change badly enough to go and work for it.

I realize that we may never get to meet with our Representative. I doubt he will vote yes on the Recovery Package, and I may never get to tell him what sort of Royal Douche I think he is. But that's okay. Just trying is exciting!

So, we talked about his record, the Very Narrow Victory he eeked out over his opponent, and how he most likely is running scared from the new shape his constituency is taking. Good Ole Boys are going by way of the polar bear here, and I think that's great. He is a Good Ole Boy, so sooner rather than later, this Rep is going to have to face the people he serves. We talked about how we can appeal to him, and relate it to all politicians' favorite flavor: What will ensure support in an election year. And we talked about personal stories, and what led us there in the first place.
That was hard.

The meeting was held at the pool in his neighborhood. His neighborhood was very cute, and new, and affluent, and color coordinated. But it wasn't a Vinyl Village. It looked like a place where you could let your kids play in the street and if you forgot to lock your door before going to the grocery store your TV would still be there when you got home. It seemed like at the pool there was at least one Ice Cream Social per year, because the neighbors wanted to know eachother.


Our leader is a young personal injury attorney who opened his own practice last year. This year, he's losing his home and renting from the next door neighbors. He's just basically running out the clock and using the time to pack up before they come take the house away. He just wanted his own practice.

I can't imagine.

So yeah, I feel good about deciding to do all this. I hope some good comes from it. The goal is to have this package pushed through quickly enough that it's on Obama's desk soon after he takes office. I don't know how realistic it is. But, even if we miss the mark on that, it's still important to get everyone together and working toward fixing things.

There was only one person I wanted to choke. I only wanted to choke her for a minute, so if you know me and how well I tend to deal with strangers, then that's really a fantastic outcome.

And there was peppermint bark. I just love that stuff.

and while I'm here, let's talk about my morning at the shelter yesterday!

It was splendid. I loved it, even though my knees are still angry with me. I didn't have to clean anything really. I walked dogs ALL MORNING LONG. I took Schroeder first, of course. He's so sweet. After that he was outside in his morning Play Group (I squealed when I saw they pay that much attention to socializing), he'd smile and wag his tail and run up to the fence. Later on I sat in his enclosure with him and petted him for a while, and chatted with him. When I left my hands were covered in the dirt from the yards, just like Maya was. I thought of that right away and my heart aches for him. I wish I could take him home with me.

I also participated in doggie therapy and helped work with Travis, a very sweet dog who has barrier agression. He's got a scar on his neck from an imbedded collar. He's spent his whole life wanting stuff that's out of his reach, and has a chip on his little doggie shoulder because of it. He'll be a good dog someday. It makes me so sad that someone was able to hurt an animal like that, and make it so that he's such a mess. I also took Thurston for a walk. He's got some issues, but he let me walk him and scratch behind his ears. Everyone marvelled at that, and I really felt good. I seem to have the opposite effect on animals that I have on children. That's fine because the reverse is true, and I like animals a hell of a lot better than children anyway. So there! Oh, and you better believe that with there being about 30 puppies there right now, when no one was looking I would grap a handful of them and squeeze them. Their little pot bellies are my weakness. There was a little guy named Dickie that I wanted to grab and run with. We could have gone and changed our names and no one would have known that I stole him because I could not resist his pudgy little gut. But I didn't.

What I did do was some more subversive snuggling. Hairy Gary is still there. He came down from his perch and let me squeeze him for a while before getting bored with me the way cats do. I just love that little guy. I hate how when I see a face i know, I feel so Happy-Sad. All in one flash it's "Oh HI Hairy Gary!/ Sorry you still don't have a home, kitty." It's tough. But luckily I can come home to my own ungrateful turd of a cat and remember that I don't like cleaning his poop box and he sleeps on my head if I let him.

Sigh. Crazy Cat Lady, party of One.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Either a Resolution Kept or a Potentially GREAT Story


Remember how I said that one of my resolutions this year was to get involved in causes I believe in?

The universe is funny sometimes, with the way it can just hand things to you. I checked in my email the other day, and in it was an invitation to attend a training session to be a Congressional Advocate. Sounds fancy, no? Well, it's sponsored (I think that's accurate) by, and will be held at an organizer (Community Organizer?)'s home. The intent is to educate us on being grassroots advocates for Obama's new policies, and teach us to effectively talk with our state Congresspeople about his policies and encourage them to help quickly enact his plans for the country. There will be snacks. I do not mind admitting the fact that snacks were a factor of me RSVP'ing that yes, yes I would be in attendance.

I had some reservations at first, but now- I'm excited! I am not usually a Joiner, and I never have been. I was not in clubs in high school (except for ones that required no real involvement but could go on a college application, like Latin Club), and I am not in clubs now. I don't do Societies, Associations, Councils, Fellowships, Groups, Teams, and Alliances. I've always preferred to do things my way- All Alone and On My Own. But I realize that doesn't work at all with the direction in which I feel that this country should be headed. In order to get anywhere, people have to get together, and I think that the time is now for that. I also thought it was sort of useless, being here in The South. I live in the buckle of the Bible Belt. My state is often in the news for very embarrassing things, and our representation is composed entirely of Good Ole Boys. Sigh. So, while I doubt that anything that a Congressional Advocate would have to say would change their minds, why not try? They need to hear it now more than ever, and trying always has a better chance of success than not trying.

And, there's the snacks.

I figure at worst case scenario, this is a goldmine for blog fodder. Where else do you get material for good stories? Okay fine, I am a magnet for them just by virtue of being...well, of being me. But still, going out amongst the unwashed masses to sit in a Total Stranger's home and eat snacks made by other Total Strangers and talk politics. People, there's gold in them thar hills.

So- that's on Sunday, I will be working at The Shelter again tomorrow (I checked the website- Schroeder is still there. Uh oh.), and (hopefully) filling in the gaps with a heap of sewing and other stuff.

If I don't post again, it's because the MoveOn people tricked me, and they're really a cult and dressed me in a Snuggie and made me eat a live chicken and drink some nice kool-aid or something. In that case, send for help.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's That Time Again

Time for a good laugh at my expense. I found this in a box while cleaning out my office closet:

That is me and my paternal grandmother. If we still spoke to one another, I am sure we would have the same dynamic displayed above. However, I am greatly pleased to report that I no longer have a head shaped like Kang and Kodos.

Go ahead. Laugh it up. Laugh your little butt off, and do it knowing that Angry Little Old Man Baby does not approve.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Bed

Who knew that a perusal of Curbly, namely this post, and four dollars would get your doggie a nice comfy place to sleep? I didn't. Well, I didn't till I perused Curbly, found this post, and spent $4 on a yard of fleece. Add two of my old pillows and the doggie is snug like a bug with a squishy soft place to sleep. The white of the pillows shows through the ends because someone likes to untie them occasionally when no one is looking.

So here she is, all curled up on her new bed. Sometimes during the day she stretches out on her bed, sometimes she sits on it like a person with all her weight resting on her behind and not her back feet, and sometimes she curls up in a little ball and snores. Either way, she loves it.

I'm a nice dog mommy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I Did On Christmas Eve

I realize that this is a long time overdue, but hey- that doesn't make it any less of a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I decided that since I was home alone while everyone else was doing their holiday thing that I should be productive, and give myself a gift that I had wanted to give me for a while- I clean my Office/ Den of Haywire Crafting. A daunting task to be sure.

Here's Maya. If anyone looks daunted by this idea, it's her. She's hiding her face in one of her many, many blankets.
I didn't take a Before, but I took a During. Prepare to run screaming from this horrific monstrosity.

And because you needed another angle of the madness- notice how deep the rubble goes on the left of the chair by the table. that is stacked clear up to the table, people. I wasn't playing around.

A while later, this is what happened. I really, truly feel Accomplished and Organized. And yep- those storage bins are labeled. Now here is a handy tip I picked up from Real Simple a while back: make the most of closet space by using the over the door shoe holder thingies for random odds and ends. I have done just that. Now random bars of soap, solvents, duct tape and hot glue guns all have a place to call home. So does the label maker. I am ashamed to say that the box up top with all the tubes contains many unframed concert posters, and also an incredibly large sheet of paper signifying my greatest achievement to date. Oh well, someday:
And then Santa came! (I know I am going to hell for this, but I don't care. The little beard sealed it for me. I mean, come on- there's funny and there's funny. This is funny.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And I'm Back

A very happy new year to all of you!

I am back, having just dropped BF off at the airport an hour or so ago. The fits of body-shaking, snot-gushing, tear-filled sobs seem to have stopped for the time being, so I figured I should get something out of the Happy Time (it comes and goes in waves, the whole me being able to function or wailing and moaning and clutching some unfortunate cat or dog and wiping my face in their fur. Cute, I know.). So anyway, New Years was wonderful and just what I wanted it to be- full of great food, music, friends, and lots of good wishes and high hopes for an awesome 2009.

We saw the Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Soul Stew Revival at the Fabulous Fox and it was fantastic. Our seats were GREAT, and the theater is one of those places that enhances the show you are seeing just by virtue of being a Real Life Theater- it's the Fabulous Fox, not the Verizon Wireless This or the Pepsi That, and is it just felt special. Did you know that it was the location of the first ever showing of Gone With the Wind? It was. And also, my Girl Crush on Susan Tedeschi has grown even bigger. She has an amazing voice, can rock the blues guitar, and has shiny hair. Sigh. And before too long, it was midnight and BF and I were celebrating our anniversary and a new year. I love that two very important celebrations in my life are marked at the exact same moment. That makes me smile.

Anyway- before I have to run off and wipe my face on the cat, let's talk resolutions.

I know that some people hate them. And after reading all sorts of blog posts- some people have lists a mile long, others don't bother with them at all and get sort of resentful about them. Resolutions are important- whether they are yearly, monthly, whatever- it's important to just try. You can insert lots of clever quotes here said by people far more eloquent and accomplished than I, but they all say the same thing. Just fucking try, ok? I mean, yeah I will probably not succeed with a lot of mine. But hey, in the time in which I am trying I am being better than if I just sat on the couch eating chips, accepting the status quo for another 365 days. And if one resolution is a total failure- it will most likely be because I was chasing the wrong thing, and it gave way to something better. That's alright, don't you think. Just trying is good.

So here's my list (even though I told you last week that I wouldn't be posting it. I changed my mind, and I can do that.)

  • Embrace change, and accept it as part of life.
  • Share all the good tidings and crap I hate during the holidays all year long.
  • Be involved in and vocal about things I believe in. Write congressmen, give of time and money, and generally stand up for what I think is right.
  • Practice contentment, and stop comparing myself to others. Enjoy and be happy with what is right now.
  • Eat better, and love cooking again
  • Buy locally, handmade, or from companies with a conscience, making my money do more good than for just me and Wal*Fart.
  • Learn something new
  • Regularly send cards, letters, and notes in the mail, because it's nice and makes people feel good.
  • Take a class. I am pretty proud of my ability to teach myself things with the help of books or the internet, but learning in a group is pretty cool especially when creativity and enthusiasm are contagious. Right now I am considering yoga, pottery, or Italian. Or cooking.
  • Travel more
  • Manage time better, and stop procrastinating by playing on the internet.
  • Write more- and not just about botched or barely completed projects. I learned this year that I sort of like it, and people seem to find it amusing so I'd like to do more of it. But I won't take a writing class. Pottery sounds like more fun, and Italian too.
  • Free myself from materialistic/compulsive hoarding tendencies. I would like to learn to trade More for Better or Special. I think that I could apply this to every single thing I purchase.
I think that's about it. It seems like a lot, but I feel like if I can put most of it into at least semi-regular practice then I can make my life better, or at least try. It's more about the trying anyway, isn't it?