Sunday, May 31, 2009

Knitted Things

Who models knitted things in summertime, anyway? A crazy person, that's who. So, you can guess what this post is all about.

Okay, so that is a Delores Park Cowl
-yarn: Alpaca with a Twist
-needle: 11, I think? I dunno.

Monkeys, by Cookie A.
yarn: Imagination Hand Paints, in the Looking Glass colorway.

I tried two shots on the porch with them on. It sucked, so i took them off and photographed them on the chair instead. Geez, it's hot.

It's really shameful a) how long it's been between the time they were finished, and the time they were photographed and b) how terrible the pics are considering how hard I have been working on my photography skills.

Oh well, there they are.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is already shaping up to be the best day ever.

This morning BF and I got up for early breakfast with friends. that's always nice.

After that, I headed downtown for the yarn store's birthday sale. almost everything (but the really really good stuff, ahem) was 40% off for the first part of the sale. I arrived with a shopping bag, a list, and sheer determination. This is the last purchase I am allowed to make before my trip. No more. My yarn cabinet is full, and I must empty it by way of using up yarn before I can have anymore. I left a loophole in this promise by saying no more YARN, which does not include needles of any sort. So anyhow, in the course of saving $50, and spending a bit more than that (kind of a big bit) I now have enough yarn to finish my capelet (I hope I hope I hope) and make three summer tops, all of which I plan to take on my vacation. Fun stuff, huh? Normally I abhor shopping. It's boring, I hate people, and I never know what I want, and I wrestle with wondering if I really want something, or if I just want to buy it more so than have it and use it. Then I curse my consumerist mentality, and vow never to shop again. But this was different. I brought a list. I brought a shopping bag. I left with nothing that was off the list. I have plans for all of it. I am victorious.

BF is gone for the day. WHAT'S THAT? Sorry, i can't hear myself think over the choir of angels that begins to sing whenever I say that. He's out doing some work with a friend on the disc golf course, then cooking out, then playing a round or so of golf. This means that I have the house all to my glorious solitary self. Most likely till dinner. I feel silly- I have been giggling to myself maniacally thinking about the cleaning that I plan to do. Cleaning and actually putting things away. Finding places for stuff. Deodorizing things. Then, locking the animals out, and basking in the cleanliness. Then napping, on the couch, or maybe in the middle of the bed- on clean sheets of course. Or maybe I should have one nap on each? Then a bubble bath in a clean tub? Lots of Style Channel? Hopefully there's a Golden Girls marathon! Oh, thank you, universe. Thank you for this day of alone time. I promise to use it well; if you can keep the rain away then I might be alone long enough to sew something.

I also would like to mention that there is an exhausted foxhound at my feet. she has spent the morning playing with her new sister, running, smiling and wagging her tail. I am sure the downstairs neighbors didn't appreciate the stampede, but I sure do. I can't believe the change in this little dog. I have had her for 13 months, and she went from completely shut down emotionally to a normal dog. I find maya very inspiring when I think back on this year. I think that a lot of people could benefit from trying to be like her. No matter what you do to her, she never lashes out, not even out of fear. She's overcome God-Only-Knows-What and learned how to trust, no matter how scary that is. And she always knows when to go to a quiet place and take time out when it gets to be too much. I'm so proud of her, and I am proud of me too. She is the first thing that I didn't give up on when things got tough. I am glad I stuck with her.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope it's filled with clean floors and sale yarn and friends that make you smile, no matter how many legs they have.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the State of Things

Have you been wondering how we are here? Have you wondered if my bloggy silence means that BF has killed me and stuffed me in the toilet tank? Lord knows a time or two he has certainly had the motive, as have I.

Things are new here.

New is good. New is bad. New is different. New is exhausting. New is exhilarating. New is distracting. New is becoming familiar.

For the first few nights after BF arrived, I slept terribly. I woke up at all hours, fought for covers, fought for room on the bed, had my covers forcefully removed from my grasp, had sleepy arguments about who was taking up all the room, and so on. At times I woke up, simply thought, "He is here next to me now" and then went back to sleep. That makes me smile now when I think of it.

He is not working right now. That's fine; we knew this would happen. Unfortunately, job leads didn't pan out, and there has been little interest in the resumes he has put out. For now we are okay though, so we are not worrying. Part of me loves coming home to a Mr. Mom. I like that there are shiny happy doggy faces (Charlie's face is neither shiny nor happy, more on that in a minute.) waiting to greet me, sometimes errands are done, the bed is made, and the kitchen is sort of clean. I say "sort of" because he tries, God knows he does, but Domesticity is not his bag, and so things like wiping off the counters escapes him. It's cute, like when 5-year-olds make breakfast on Mother's Day. It's not really done well, but the effort is so apparent despite the lack of skills that you love it more than something easily and perfectly executed. However, he is bored with running to the post office, being the resident dog walker, and staring at the classifieds. He wants to bring in money too, and I appreciate that. Please think good thoughts for us on the job front. We need them.

Oh, animals. We have so many. Or at least it feels like we do, here in our cozy little apartment. Two hounds, one tortured feline soul. Lilly has quickly learned that this is her home, and she's rather happy with that. She would be a fool not to be- after the Long Car Ride, she got another person, a sister, and a bunch of car rides with friends and parks and dog shows waiting at the end of them. Maya is slightly less overjoyed, but still happy. She is braver now as a result of Lilly and BF. When we all go on walks together, she smiles and doesn't pull away or seem to have any reservations. I guess that a pack of two wasn't big enough for her, but four seems to be just fine. I think she gets tired of all the activity, and she seems sort of offended when Lilly steals her toys out of her crate (not that she would dream of doing anything about it). Secretly, I am sort of liking the way the New Dog and New Person have made Maya a mom's girl. She sits with me while i cook now, trails after me while I water plants, and sadly does not draw the line at trying to sit with me in the bathroom while know.

And then there's Charlie.

Oh Charlie. My poor little moustache face. He now has what we call his Office- the triangle of space behind the loveseat in the office. The loveseat sits catty-cornered by the window, and so he has a private little pocket of space where no dogs can go. Occasionally he comes out, like when I pull him out of it, and close off the office, and he growls, hisses and swats at Lilly whenever possible. She can't seem to find it in herself to ignore him though; and is sort of fascinated with how much he seems to hate her guts. It's all rather exhausting, but no one has shed any blood yet, so we'll take it. I guess. Poor kitty. I miss him. I miss him sleeping on my pillow, scooping up and hugging him too hard, all of it. This is tough on him, but he's just got to keep kicking Lilly's ass till she leaves him alone. Keep fighting the good fight, Charlie.

So yeah, that's where we are. I love all the company around the house, although I have been known to pretend to be going number two, just so i can sit quietly alone and read a few pages of my domesticity book. I hide it away like it's a stack of Playboys, and savor just a little bit for a few minutes. It's bliss, all of it. Except the hissing and swatting, but that will get better, I'm sure of it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Crawfish Boil

Again, I am late on this, but I can't let the Crawfish Boil & Americana Music Fest go unmentioned. I had a FANTASTIC time. For $12 it was all you can eat crawfish, potatoes and corn (I ate about 5 mini ears- not kidding) and all you can listen awesome local musicians. Beautiful weather, cold beer, great music- I hate how much I love this town sometimes.

By the way, are you noticing the quality of my photos? Are you noticing that there's a bit of quality there? I am working hard on them, but mostly I am loving downloading them onto the computer and not groaning at all of them. I still groan at a fair amount, but hey! I got a few good ones.

In which I play with my food and the macro function:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farmer's Market and Dog Show

I can't believe that I am about a week late on this post! The days are just flying by. Once I get home from work (read: where all the pics are stored) I am not going near the computer. There's too much life going on in the house to lock myself away in the office at home. But still, I wanted to share these pics with you.

Last Saturday we went to the sort of Town Square thing where they were holding a dog show, and the usual site of the Farmer's Market. It was such a beautiful (as you can see) and fun day. Lilly came with us, and behaved splendidly. We ate kettle corn, bought tomatoes, ate various samples and enjoyed the Dog Show. Sigh. It was a marriage of all my favorite things. Well an orgy of them, really. Dogs, local produce, handmade things, The Pickle Lady, beautiful spring weather, and so much food you can't believe it.

Let's get on with it then.

Beautiful Weather:
Dolly Parton (costumes were by FAR my fave):

Swine Flu:

Pirate Wench:
Ever wonder what a 73 pound Bassett Hound looks like? Gunther will show you. Bassett Rescue was out at the show and they make me feel all melty and wanty. I am a sucker for floppy ears.
I just can't stand the nice weather.
Child Handler Event. A girl and her Big Pink Bow and her Whippet. Even my heart of stone melted for them.
I love doing all my produce shopping here. It really gets no better.
Lilly, having what possibly amounts to the Time of Her Life.